Web Design Layout Trends for the Year

The old school formula says to have a compulsory header, footer, sidebar and content area in the website design in Los Angeles, California or wherever in the world you are. However, the new breed of designers have thrown this tried and tested formula out of the window to come up with the sleeker option that goes well with the responsive design of website.

‘A web design is complete only when all the non-essential elements have been removed from it’. This has emerged as the mantra for the gen-next web designers.
This is the reason that Simple matte finishes are considered more stylish in 2015, with the entire website being structured around the content. Things like to apply gradients, round corners, and shadows to make the payout close to reality are a thing of the past now. It’s all about removing all that jazz and removing all the distracting elements this year round.

As complex web designs with all the whistles and bells strippedlose their identity in the market and disappear, the key to successful web design in Los Angeles, Los Vegas or any other part of the country for that matter is going to be in keeping with the simplistic and streamlined layout.

To stand out in the sea of simplicity, it will be imperative to have the mobile first approach with speed and efficiency being of the upmost importance.

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