Think before you say ‘He’s The Guy’ for a Candidate

Recruitment Candidates

Ask any recruiters what is the most intricate part of hiring and most of them will tell you it is making the final call- who to pick from the shortlisted lot? While the technical rounds are considered decisive, there’s a lot more that goes into making the final call.

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider before you pick the right candidate from the lot-

What was the feedback, again?
Going again through the feedbacks of all the interviewers is a ‘must-do’ before making an offer, because otherwise you might be hiring a candidate just on the basis of his performance in the last round, and there might be others with better overall ratings.

Do you know what they did the last summer?
You must conduct a background check for the candidates, especially for the important positions. Reach out to their former bosses/colleagues to know what they have to say about the candidate. Believe it or not, many recruiters get surprising (sometimes shocking) information while conducting a background check of the shortlisted candidates.

You sure they’ll fit in easily?
Recruiters don’t always end up hiring candidates they like. In fact, most of the times they have to make contrast decisions. But one thing you must essentially consider is their compatibility with your organization’s culture, and not compromise with it, no matter what. You do not want to hire a candidate who works alone on the job, and avoids team interaction.

Go beyond guesses to confirm if they’re ambitious
They all say ‘yes’ when asked if they can grow with the organization, but taking their yes as truth could be a mistake. Ask more question to understand what’s their definition of success. Do not hesitate to inquire about their past record. The point is, you must know if they are actually up for the job.

Final Spartan logic- Don’t hire them, unless they are the best! In a growing organization, there’s no place for people who aren’t dedicated to growth. So, you must be very cautious while making the final call.