Responsive Web Design More Important Than Ever – Here’s The Reason Why

Google has come up with yet another update on its algorithm, this time targeting the responsiveness of the website design. These changes/update announced by Google are going to take place from the 21st of April, 2015.

What this means is that Google is definitely going to favor the websites which are investing in the responsiveness of their

web design in California, Las Vegas or wherever in the world you are.

Whatever information we have managed to gather about this update states that this algorithm change is going to boost the rankings at individual page levels, since each page will be assessed for its mobile friendliness.

What experts from Google say is that these changes must not be looked upon as a punishment for website and web pages with poor responsiveness, rather these changes come as an enhancement for people websites that have the mobile responsiveness incorporated in their design.  All this leaves the webmasters with no other option, but to invest in responsive web site designs, rather than sticking to the old school sites.

How big exactly this impact is going to be is something that we will witness once the update roll out on 21st April. As of now, all we can say is just wait and watch.
And, if you have been delaying the investment in responsive design for your company website, then the right time is just to get the mobile friendliness quotient for your website right up.