Nintendo Enters The Mobile Web App Development

The master of mobile gaming might soon be the master of smartphone mobile apps development as well.

The recent announcement that it is working on developing app games for apple and android users has stirred the entire mobile web app development market. The company also added that classics like Mario and Legend of Zelda might soon be seen on smartphones in the form of these web apps.

As per the announcement, Nintendo is working with a company by the name of DeNA for the app development. Although the company has not made any official announcement of the games which it is working upon, but it did announce that there might be a membership for using these apps.

The company also left a teaser for its fan by announcing that it is working on a new gaming system under the name of NX that’s going to take the gaming experience to a new level altogether. What exactly is this, that has not been made clear as of yet!

Considering the fact that Nintendo has strong mobile gaming roots NX is definitely something worth looking for in the future!

As of now, we all can just wait and watch what this gaming giant has in store for its fans and users with its mobile web app development division ?