Make these 4 Changes in Your Job Description for Recruiting Top Talent

Recruiting Top Talent

Everyone knows that quality job descriptions (JD) are essential for sourcing talented candidates, yet many recruiters fail to draft comprehensive JDs and as a result, the response of their sourcing efforts suffers.

This post shares some useful tips to drafting winning job descriptions, take a look-

Go beyond the conventional approach

Job openings should offer growth opportunities instead of merely advertising a job vacancy. You need to convince job seekers that the job opportunity in your company is exclusive and can help them in doing better in their career. Go beyond the conventional approach of enlisting just the skills required. Share an overview of your organization’s culture.

Suggested an action

Rather than writing a description of the job, recruiters have to adopt a more dynamic approach to describe what is desired from the candidate on the job, and must essential suggest the action you want your job seeker to take, for instance, walk-in for the interview, send your resume on email, etc.

Target on skills not just experience

As a recruiter, you are hiring a person, not a resume. Just the way a recruiter struggles to sell a job position in the job description, the same way some quality job seeker are not professional resume writer and their resume may not be able to depict their potential. Your job description must reflect this ideology.

Don’t hesitate to advertise your company’s USPs

In order to attract prospective applicants for the job, don’t hesitate to advertise the benefits of joining the company, for example, free cab facilities, free meals (if any), incentives, etc.