IOS App Development trends making buzz this year

With the smartphone industry growing at such rapid pace, it has become imperative to stay abreast of all the changing trends in the mobile marketing industry, in order to succeed. With Apple being one of the biggest players, developers have started to focus dedicatedly on working towards iOS App development.

To make the most of your development efforts, here are the trends that are making a buzz this year –
1.    Smart object and Wearables are going to be the next big thing
App watch has hit the market, and the company promises to expand its repertoire of wearable gadgets in the coming time. Majority of the apps developed for wearable gadgets focused on health care, however the trends is definitely going to see a change this year. So, gear yourself up for the change.

2.    App security is going to be the key to success
According the tech giant Gartner, more than ¾ of the apps are going to fail in the market because of security test failure. As mobile marketing is emerging as an integral part of business, mobile data security has become a thing to be concerned about when going for IOS app development.

3. iBeacon apps will be on the rise
IBeacon, the technology that extends location services in the IOS devices, has blurred the line between online and offline. And, the line is going to be even thinner as the time begins to roll. As more and more airports, sports arenas, retail establishments, and even museums install iBeacon devices, the demand of apps using the same is going to be in the rise.

Follow these trends to be ahead of the game with your IOS App development endeavors!