Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update

Mobile friendly algorithm update from Google has been introduced last week and since then, a lot of changes have been experienced, while a lot are yet to be seen. Google had earlier informed about the same and said that the update would be primarily to enhance the ranking of mobile friendly pages on the search results over mobile phones. So, without a further ado let us know more about this mobile friendly algorithm update.

Why mobile update? The update was rolled in to serve high-quality and related results over mobile phones, making it easy for people to gain precise information on the go. It is specially aimed at those websites which are mobile friendly. The google users will be at ease when it comes to searching the top-notch results, where they can read the text without tapping, pinching or zooming unnecessarily. Through this update, people will skip landing on pages that are not responsive, have irrelevant and less than important content on it.

Google’s Mobile Friendly update has already been out for a week now, but not a lot of webmasters have been able to notice any significant change. The changes will now be much more pronounced and evident as the update matures. The update will affect the following:
1.    Search results all over the world on mobile devices
2.    Search rankings
3.    Individual pages, instead of entire website

Search queries will definitely plan an important role in fetching the best results. For example, if a web page is fetched according the query, but if the page, inspite of having high-quality content is not mobile friendly, it would still deem suitable and will rank high. The mobile friendly aspect will be implemented and seen in coming days, where we might miss SERPs from high-quality websites that are not yet mobile friendly.

Following are some of the tips that can be beneficial to you if you want to gain from the update:

Check your website: In order to examine your website for mobile friendliness, you can conduct a free  Google mobile friendly test in webmaster tools. Simply input the website URL and hit the analyze button. This will trigger the examination of the website and the test will check the entire website for mobile convenience. If your website isn’t responsive, you may experience a drop in mobile traffic. Your website will regain its traffic once you have fixed the problem, i.e mobile friendliness.

Google developer

Make it mobile friendly: Once you have confirmed that your website isn’t ready for mobile use, you may proceed forward to make the website ready for mobile. If you are using CMSs like WordPress, you will get a guide to make the site responsive. Simply follow the steps and you will be able to make the website’s theme mobile friendly. If you don’t want to play around yourself, take help from a designer who will be able to make your site mobile ready.

Once you have done all of these steps, give yourself a pat on the back and wait for a few days. Your website will get a good traffic from mobile devices and your content will rank better in the search results. This was all about the mobile friendly algorithm update from Google, do share your experience and what changes have you noticed in your websites!