3 Most Anticipated Mobile App Design Trends of 2016

2015 was an amazing year for the mobile app industry. We saw the rise of different kinds of mobile apps functions, UI, and the foundation for further growth was also laid in the same year.

2016 is being seen as the year when mobile apps take over the world. This is why every aspect that goes into mobile app development is being widely contemplated, so as to further enrich the quality of apps.

More than any other aspect of mobile apps, the design continues to be the most debatable one. While different people have different opinions about what works and what does not in app designs, we have enlisted 3 most anticipated design trends of 2016. Take a look-

1. Flat design is the way to go for great UX

Flat design is simple and smart. It uses all the key attributes to make your app beautiful and functional. Its simple structure optimizes the user experience by ensuring the ease of using apps.

Moreover, easy navigation provides a sleek and modern look.

2. Motion design integration

Previously, the motion designs were only used for music videos and advertisements. But now, the app industry is ready to use it for app design. Intelligent motion designs engage users.

3. Scrolling design

Parallax scrolling took web design to a whole new level in the last few years. Now it’s time the app designs to incorporating scrolling.

In parallax, the background images move at a slower pace than the foreground images, creating a 3D effect. Parallax implementation can add depth to mobile designs.

Takeaway point-

Mobile users crave for simplistic interface with easy access to content. Any design that offers that along with being aesthetic will undoubtedly be a success. Flat design, motion design, and parallax look promising and are expected to be incorporated in a large volume of mobile apps this year. However, which one will do better than others is a question that cannot be answered now. So, wait and watch. Till then stay tuned for more updates!